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Things-To-Do in Batam, Indonesia (1 Hour Travel from Singapore!)

For those looking for a quick and affordable weekend trip from Singapore, travelling to Batam, Indonesia is a popular option. Batam is a small island in Indonesia located south of Singapore, known for its beach resorts, nightlife, temples, and malls. There are currently two ports (Harbourfront Centre and Tanah Merah) in Singapore that have ferry services to get there, with each trip taking about fourty-five minutes to an hour. For more information on how to travel there, check this page.

We took the Batam Fast ferry from Tanah Merah to Nongsapura port, which is on the north-east of side of the island and more accessible to most of the beach resorts. The immigration process entering Indonesia was quick, and most likely if you have a reservation with a resort then they’ll have a service waiting for you! Anyway, here’s a list of the to-dos in Batam island!

1. Chill in a Beach Resort

We stayed at Batam View Beach Resort since I wanted a villa overlooking the ocean and this resort had reasonable prices. There weren’t a lot of guests when we arrived and not a lot of activities either, but they had welcome drinks and a complementary high tea buffet (yay!). Their villas are clean and homey… and spacious! The ambiance was great and it was really enjoyable to just sit by the balcony and taking cold drinks. We didn’t try swimming in the beach but they do have a swimming pool with a bar. We also rented bikes which was nice as the scenery around the resort was fantastic.

2017-11-09 10.28.02 1.jpg

2. Gorge on Seafood

Those living in Singapore love Batam for their seafood because of the freshness and the price! It’s so much fun to come here with friends and family and ordering as much as your tummy can take. There are numerous seafood restaurants to dine in. We ate in Kelong Seafood Restaurant, which is a walking distance away from Batam View Beach Resort. It’s a spacious restaurant right by the seaside, so while waiting for your food you can walk around to take selfies.

2017-11-09 10.28.49 1.jpg

3. A&W Beer

Another popular location that Singaporeans visit in Batam is… A&W restaurant. The indulgent beer float is a guilty pleasure and unfortunately no longer in Singapore (though there are news that it will make a comeback soon!!). The fast food restaurant can be found in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall or Batam Mega Mall. Us, we went to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. After gulping down the beer float, you can then go around the shopping mall as most items are more affordable here than in Singapore.

4. Visit Temples

For sightseeing, you can go and visit the number of temples that the island has. Two of the more popular ones are Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Monastery and Vihara Budhi Bhakti, which are both Buddhist temples. To get there, the resort arranged a private car service for us that would take us anywhere we wanted to go, so we just showed the driver pictures of the temples we researched beforehand since we’re not quite sure of the pronunciations, lol.

There are more activities to do as well such as getting a massage. All in all, it’s a nice break from the busy city life, and I especially loved the ocean scenery and visiting the temples… and of course, the affordable prices.

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