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Madison Galeries – Seared Sushi at Aburi

Aburi sushi means flamed/torched sushi. The fish is partially grilled (topside) and partially raw. The chef sears the top of the meat, giving you sushi with a smoky texture. It’s also the namesake of a modern Japanese restaurant located in Madison Galeries, Alabang. Located on the second floor, Aburi is quickly becoming a favorite for Japanese cuisine in the South of the metro. The restaurant’s specialty is torched nigiri sushi (if you haven’t figured it out by now, lol) though they also offer other traditional dishes such as tempura, donburi, teppan, etc.

Madison Galeries ABURI - Chirashi Don - PHP 435
Chirashi Don – PHP 435

Aburi’s Chirashi Don is fortunately quite filling and served. Chirashi, also known as chirashizushi, is a big bowl of sushi rice topped with fish and vegetables. They have more than five different Chirashi bowls on their menu (check it out here!), and with an additional PHP 30, these dishes can be torched the “Aburi” way.

Madison Galeries ABURI - Beef Aburi Bowl - P375
Beef Aburi Bowl – PHP 375

The Beef Aburi Bowl is a rice bowl that is packed with thin beef slices and shoestring onions. They served it with sweet sauce which I think was teriyaki sauce. The fish contains torched beef as the name suggests, but unfortunately, I couldn’t tell the difference — still, the dish is tasty and I really liked the flavor the onions added to it! It had a crunchy texture to it and the beef was soft and nicely cooked.

Madison Galeries - Day Menu
Day Menu
Madison Galeries Aburi - Calamari Tempura Roll - PHP 295
Calamari Tempura Roll – PHP 295

The Calamari Tempura Roll has a teriyaki glaze on it. The sauce was sweet but very good! It came with avocado, tobiko, and mayo. I liked it more than the Ebi Tempura roll.

The other roll which we ordered is the Ebi Tempura Roll, which had a pretty cool presentation. It came with avocado, shoestring onions, and dynamite sauce. Despite the dynamite sauce, it wasn’t very spicy.

Madison Galeries Aburi - Ebi Tempura Roll - PHP 395
Ebi Tempura Roll – PHP 395

All in all, it’s a tasty restaurant and just one of the many choices from Madison Galeries. I know we didn’t actually order any of the torched sushi/nigiri, but we’ve tried it tons of times before and it does have a smoky flavor to it that adds character!


Madison Galeries 2nd Floor
398 Don Jesus Blvd.
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Links: Website / Instagram / Facebook

Budget: 400-500 PHP per person

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