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iSteaks Diner: Affordable Steaks at Holland Village

Craving for a good steak but daunted by how the ‘good’ ones usually cost? Look no more! iSteaks Diner, with branches in Holland Village and Ang Mo Kio, serves affordable steaks without sacrificing quality. It has consistently been listed for being inexpensive and satisfying, such as on Lady Iron Chef and Seth Lui. Their most affordable steak cut is the New Zealand Ribeye, which for 200 grams costs 19.50 SGD.

iSteaks Diner New Zealand Ribeye - 18 SGD
New Zealand Ribeye – 19.50 SGD
iSteaks Diner New Zealand Ribeye - 18 SGD
New Zealand Ribeye – 19.50 SGD

At 19.50 SGD, you get a 200 gram cut of NZ ribeye and two complements. I ordered baked olive rice and onion rings for the sides. The sides were good, but of course, they weren’t the main attraction. The main attraction was the ribeye, which I asked to be cooked to medium-rare. It was fatty and juicy, and really tasty! I bombarded it with salt and pepper, which is how I like my steaks, hehe.

All their grill specialties come with a choice of two side dishes. iSteaks Diner has more than a dozen side dishes to choose from, ranging from salads to your usual carbs (potatoes, rice, etc). By the way, their ‘grill specialties’ compromise of various cuts of beef, poultry, pork, lamb, and fish. The list is pretty extensive and can be confusing especially if you don’t know the difference between the different cuts, but their staff is more than willing to explain it to you… plus their front counter has a display of some of the cuts to give you an idea. The NZ Ribeye is actually the most affordable cut of beef they have, and I’m curious to know how it compares to the more expensive Wagyu Ribeye which costs more than double at 45 SGD… maybe next time, I’ll give it a shot!

iSteaks Diner Counter
iSteaks Diner Fried Shrimps - 9SGD
Fried Shrimps – 9SGD

We also ordered the fried shrimps to share between us, which cost 9 SGD. It had a crunchy texture and came with a tartar sauce.

All in all, I love how extensive their menu gets. They’re known for their affordable steaks but they also have a lot of other cuts of meat to offer. We came during lunch time on a weekend and the restaurant was almost full, but we did fortunately get the last table. Last time, we ate here after work on a Friday and the place was much more packed. The queue was longer and we had to wait a while before getting a table.

iSteaks Diner Fried Shrimps - 9SGD
Fried Shrimps – 9SGD


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