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Instagram-Worthy Desserts at Sunday Folks

Search for instagram-worthy desserts in Singapore and surely Sunday Folks will be one of the results. This modern dessert cafe offers an array of desserts, all which are presented in a way that will make you take a picture first. Unfortunately, the soft-serve ice cream melts quickly so take your shots quickly! The queue can get quite long and the wait for the food, at least for us, took at least twenty minutes. When we got there, the inside area was full but nobody was sitting outside so we asked if we could and that let us cut the queue, lol. Not sure why nobody wanted to sit outside since it was a nice day.

2017-11-04 02.48.04 1.jpg2017-11-04 02.48.13 2.jpg

Sunday Folks, which is owned by the same people that brought us Creamier (another popular dessert cafe in Singapore),  is located in Chip Bee Gardens, a short walk away from Holland Village station.

Upon being seated, they will give you their menu and an order sheet. Check off your orders from the list, line up , pay, and then wait. We ordered the Chocolate Earl Grey Lavender Slushie (7SGD), Salted Gula Melaka Waffle (10.7SGD), and an Iced White (6SGD). There’s a Phoon Huat branch a few stores down so while waiting I decided to take a look, which was a bad idea since when my husband called me back, the soft-serve had melted a bit… hehe.

The slushie, which was lavender-flavored, tasted too much like flowers (lol). Unfortunately, the lavender taste overpowered the chocolate and we didn’t enjoy it as much. Still, it was a refreshing drink, as was the Iced White!

2017-11-04 02.48.10 1.jpg

2017-11-04 02.48.07 1.jpg

And of course, we had one of the most popular insta-worthy desserts in Singapore — the Salted Gula Melaka Waffle. For those not familiar (like me, a naive foreigner), Gula Melaka is basically palm sugar, or Malacca Sugar (named after Malacca, Malaysia). There are other flavors to choose from, but I noticed that this was what I regularly saw posted by other customers. It’s soft serve ice cream on top of a freshly made waffle with pocky, syrup, and mochi. You can choose other items to add (such as popcorn), too.

All in all, the wait is quite long because of how much customers they have, but the waffle dessert was YUMMY, and not just pretty to look at.


Budget: 10 SGD per person

Location:  44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-52 Chip Bee Gardens, 278116

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